Helping busy mamas find calm in the chaos.

Raising kids is a full-time job — an amazing one, but a tiring one. Then if you add in all your other responsibilities — working, adult relationships, passion projects — when do you have time to relax? Do you ever find yourself full of anxiety thinking of the lists of things you need to accomplish? If so, welcome to the mindful mama tribe. We are your people.

What attendees are saying

  • "Today's session has TRUTHFULLY rebirthed my inner calm and connectivity to inner strength....Wow! I rediscovered me in this moment."

    P.O.W.E.R Corner Attendee Community Meditation
  • "I didn't realize how much I wasn't breathing. Thank you for the opportunity to slow down and just breathe."

    P.O.W.E.R Corner Attendee Community Meditation
  • "It felt great to be among other women who are experiencing some of the same stressors that I am. I felt safe to go to a place within myself that I have been neglecting for so long."

    P.O.W.E.R Corner Attendee Community Meditation


I'm Jasmine, a certified meditation coach. Here at Calm Black Woman, I hope to assist you with cultivating calm in your everyday life.
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